Adheel Sands cc is a reputable sand mining and transportation company in Durban, South Africa that has been in business for over 22 years. We pride ourselves by the quality of our excellent customer service which could not be demonstrated by our competitors.


Mine Health & Safety

At Adheel Sands, strict working conditions are emforced for the safety of our employees and customers as well as any living organism in the vicinity of the mine.

Mine Health & Safety Programmes enforced at our mines:

- All staff are provided with Hard Hats and Boots (steel-tip).
- All staff are informed of possible dangers and ways to prevent certain dangers.
- All staff are trained to handle emergencies.
- All staff are sent for an annual medical examination to determine their health status.
- Notice Boards warning people who enter the mine of impending dangers are put up.
- Security Personel are trained to not allow unauthorised persons on the mining area.
- Emergency First Aid Kits are kept at the mines or in serious cases, the injured are admitted at the nearest hospital.
- All persons entering the mine are required to wear Hard Hats/Boots.
- No swimming is allowed within the mining area. NO SWIMMING Boards are erected.
- Vehicles / Trucks / Machinery driving to the mine via the access roads are warned NOT to exceed 30km/hour.
"30km/hour" Boards are erected.
- No Smoking is tolerated within the mining areas.


By complying with all relevant safety, health and environmental management (SHE) legislation and obligations, the company is committed to achieve high standards of environmental performance, and implement nationally-accepted standards for occupational health, safety and environmental management. Adheel Sands aims to continuously improve safety, health and environmental performance and SHE management systems in all operations as an integral part of our commitment to sustainable development. At Adheel Sands, SHE covers all operational aspects and activities with the potential to affect the safety and health of people and the environment. This duty of care covers the entire life cycle of our operations, from exploration and planning to operation, closure, decommissioning, remediation and rehabilitation and post-closure care that focuses mainly on ensuring that environmental sustainability is achieved.

The objectives are to:

Provide a risk-based SHE management framework, consistent with national legislation, the Adheel Sands SHE policy, and other nationally-recognised standards that support the implementation of SHE best practice across all Adheel Sands operations.

Set out and formalise expectations for the progressive development and implementation of more specific and detailed SHE management systems at all levels of Adheel Sands operations.

Provide performance criteria against which SHE management systems across Adheel Sands can be measured.

Provide a basis from which to drive SHE continuous improvement.

Integrate SHE elements into all relevant existing Adheel Sands policies and practices. The SHE management process is driven to a large extent by well-established risk management principles. Processes and working areas are broken down into units, where baseline risk assessments are followed by issue-based risk assessments. All operational teams are trained in applying risk assessment on new projects and tasks.


In health and safety management, the focus is on minimising major occupational risks in the work environment including: Self-propelled mobile equipment, flammable products, Fall of ground, Electricity and other sources of energy. Human behaviour, Noise exposure, Airborne pollutant exposure, Radiation and ventilation. Occupational safety and health incidents and trends are reported to the relevant authorities in accordance with prescribed standards. The relevant indicators used are aligned with the industry initiative to achieve uniform parameters. All incidents are analysed monthly and bi-annually to determine the contributing factors and implement proactive measures to prevent further incidents.

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