Adheel Sands cc is a reputable sand mining and transportation company in Durban, South Africa that has been in business for over 22 years. We pride ourselves by the quality of our excellent customer service which could not be demonstrated by our competitors.


Local Economic Development

Adheel Sands spends alot of funds into its Local Economic Development Plans.

- Our mines provide jobs for local communities, thereby improving living standards and sharing knowledge
- Adheel Sands undertakes the responsibility for maintaining roads. These include municipality/Dept of Transport roads.
- Business initiatives in the communities are supported e.g. blockmaking.
- Adheel Sands also assists in developing e.g. providing building material for building a school.
- We also contribute towards better educational facilities for the communities, in the best ways possible.
- The company constructs several recreation grounds for the youth in various rural areas around the mines.
- Strategic improvements of the communities' living standards are a priority of the company.

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